Ncotshane Stormwater Phase 1-6

Project Status: Project 1A Completed / Project 1B-6 Tender

Project Duration: TBC

Project Cost: R100M

About this project

AFI Consult is employed by the uPhongolo Local Municipality since 2000 as the preferred service provider taking care of their Infrastructure Development Programme. Projects successfully completed include the rehabilitation and development of the Simdlangentsha East and Central Bulk Water Infrastructure as well as various phases of the upgrading of streets and stormwater infrastructure in Pongola and Ncotshane. Currently, the upgrading of the bulk stormwater drainage infrastructure in Ncotshane is priority.


Following approval of the Concept and Viability Report, the upgrading of bulk stormwater drainage infrastructure in Ncotshane will consist of six main projects which can be summariased as:

  • Project 1 - Earth Lined Channel Mangalela

  • Project 2 - Stormwater Retention Pond South

  • Project 3 - Stormwater Channel in Mlenje Street

  • Project 4 - Underground System North East

  • Project 5 - RDP Developemnt Streets and Stormwater

  • Project 6 - Cut-Off Channel North West

The detail design development stage has been completed in 2020. Construction of Project 1 to the amount of R10M has been completed during March 2021. Four additional projects are currently in the tender procurement phase and construction is scheduled to commence in fourth quarter of 2021. The total estimated value is R100M and final completion is scheduled for 2023.




We are pleased to acknowledge contributions made by the professional team in delivering the project successfully and save to the expectations of the uPhongolo Local Municipality and the communities of  Ncotshane and Pongola nl;

  • JV Nkosi

  • WLJansen van Vuuren (Pr Tech Eng.)

  • BC Lundie(Pr Tech Eng., Pr. CPM)

: uPhongolo Local Municipality

: AFI Consult - Chief Design Coordinator

: AFI Consult - Project Manager