Gabosch Dam
Phase 4

Project Status: Design Development

Project Duration: 36 Months

Project Cost: R450M

About this project

During 2010, AFI Consult was awarded project GSDM50/2010 as the preferred service provider by the Gert Sibande District Municipality. This project was AFI’s single biggest project. It included Feasibility Studies, Technical Reports, Implementation Readiness Studies and Detail Designs for various bulk water infrastructure schemes in Sheepmoor, Amsterdam, Lusushwane, Empuluzi and Methula. The final estimated construction value was calculated at R1.0billion.


It took eleven (11) years to complete with a dedicated project team. Implementation on the ground has been divided into fifteen (15) major projects and are well underway by alternative service providers. In the end, we were assigned the responsibility to implement the Gabosch Dam from this project.


The scope of work will include the construction of a Category 2 dam. The dam will have a storage capacity of 1.1M cubic meters with a concrete spillway of approximately 22m high and rockfill NOC of approximately 28m high.


The dam will have supplementary infrastructure such as an access road, administration building and associated electrical infrastructure. Temporary works will include diversion channels, coffer dams, borrow areas, material processing and stockpiling areas.

The detail design development is currently underway. The estimated cost of the dam is R450M. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2022 and completion is scheduled for 2025.




We are pleased to acknowledge contributions made by the professional team so far nl;

  • M Matiso

  • E Thabethe (Pr Tech Eng.)

  • CRH Clanahan (Pr Eng.)

  • J Christenson (Pr Sci Nat.)

  • P Hansmeyer (Pr Sci Nat.)

  • OM Bergh (Pr Eng., Pr.CPM)

  • MK Coomans (Pr Tech Eng.)

  • AD Watts (Pr Tech Eng.)

  • BC Lundie (Pr Tech Eng.)

: DWS: RBIG Mpumalanga


: AFI Consult - APP

: Geologica

: Engeolab

: AFI Consult - Resident Engineer

: AFI Consult - Chief Design Coordinator

: AFI Consult - Project Manager

: AFI Consult - Project Director